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The Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program (PTOP) will allow UC Berkeley postdocs across all disciplines to acquire experience and expertise in teaching college level courses at community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and universities in the Bay Area.

To better understand the teaching needs of postdocs, please answer this 5 minute survey  about your thoughts on teaching as a postdoc.

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O.F.I.T. Spring 2019 Series 

  • April 4th 4:00-5:30 pm

    Title: Cutting Edge Laser Applications

    Presenters: Hwang Kilean, Zheng Qiye and Park Jaehong

    Location: Sproul Hall, room 309, Barrow Lane, Berkeley

    Abstract: As Laser technology is developing faster than Moore's Law, it has been greatly changing the world of science and our daily life over the past 60 years. Here, we present examples of cutting edge Laser technology developments and applications in a public language. First, in modern scientific research, an ultrashort pulse of a laser can be generated by a special design of the source. Such laser can be used to characterize the physical processes in a short time scale which is of significance for many research fields as well as industrial materials processing. Second, a high power laser can accelerate sub-atomic particles, electrons, protons, and ions. Particle acceleration is of great importance in many fields: fundamental physics, semiconductor, clean air and water, cancer therapy, etc. Laser-based particle acceleration has attracted more attention because it is portable and cheap, compared to the conventional particle accelerators. In this talk, we understand how lasers can accelerate particles with the help of computer simulations. Third, we will present the basic characteristics and principles of free electron laser. The free electron laser opened both ultra-fast and ultra-small world to the unprecedented limit.

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