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Announcing call for abstracts:

Spring 2019

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Are you interested in volunteering teaching this fall on campus? Would you like to improve your teaching skills and communication of your research to a broad audience and adult learners? If your answer is yes, then this teaching opportunity on campus is right for you. 

We are announcing the brand new session for Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching at UC Berkeley for postdocs and visiting scholars for Spring 2019. 

We invite interested postdocs, graduate students, and visiting scholars to prepare and co-teach a lecture from different fields of knowledge (e.g. natural sciences, engineering, business, law, humanities, social sciences, etc).

The following broad umbrella themes are suggested:

1. History and significance of the Free Speech movement 

2. Environmental health and climate change

3. Population, Health, and Migration

4. Dynamics of human organizations and other large-scale systems

5. Culture, Identity, and Social Change 

6. Bring your own idea!

This is a team teaching opportunity, and each lecture will be prepared by a group of 2 to 5 UC Berkeley scholars, postdocs or PhD students from different academic fields. Teams will be matched by PTOP board members.

We invite UC Berkeley fellows to collaborate within different fields for an interdisciplinary teaching experience.  


Fill in your application form now online. Include the description of your suggested lecture. 

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